Coming Events!

As we adapt to the safety guidelines, we are excited at the new opportunities and events Plaza La Alameda will bring to the community! Our goal is to bring innovative and cultural events that will bring smiles to all the children and families that visit us. We are open to suggestions and would love to hear your opinions and feedback. Everyone can follow us and contact us through social media. We hope that you continue to visit Plaza La Alameda throughout the year.

Plaza La Alameda Shopping Center

2140 Florence Avenue
Walnut Park, CA 90255

Events & Promotions

Shajira Hope

Property Management

Primestor Development, Inc.
9950 Jefferson Blvd., Building 2
Culver City, CA 90232
Main office: 213.223.5500

Leasing Agents

Luis Barrientos
Direct: 213.223.5512

Rhiana Lindsey
Direct: 213.223.5505